Honor the Fallen 5K Honoree Eligibility

Medals of Honor recognizes the loss of life from all 50 United States; however, Honor the Fallen 5K & Memorial Mile limits it’s honorees to those from the state of Tennessee or who passed while in service at Ft. Campbell KY.

If you’re loved one was honored in previous years you do not need to register them again. Honorees are carried over from year to year. If you are new to our event, please read the eligibility and fill out the form below.


We honor all branches, all dates of death, and all loss of life lost in conjunction with military service. Medals of Honor defines “loss of life” as death while on active duty, or died as a result of such service. Causes of loss of life may include, killed in action, training accidents, missing-in-action, self-infliction, medical issues directly related to military service or afflicted with during active duty.

We are sensitive to, and understand the pain surrounding families, who lost loved ones; and although all loss of life is significant, unfortunately, due financial and operational constraints we must limit the scope of our honorees to stay in alignment with our core mission.

If you would also like to add your eligible loved one to our national database you may do so by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for allowing us to honor your loved one.

Registration deadline is April 26th, 2018.


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